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I'm having an AHA moment...where HAS the time GONE???

Does anyone have a SOP template that works well for Administrative Professionals that you'd be willing to share?  Thank you.
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Are you or someone you know sitting for the March 2015 CAP and/or OM certification exams? I've just opened registration for the study groups I am leading, beginning in October. Drop me an email at to learn more.
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I hope all of you have recovered from EFAM, are back from summer vacations, at your desk and ready for work, and are settled in for the new IAAP year. Starting this year, we will be implementing some changes and additions to our member recognition programs. Member engagement is important because it’s the membership that makes this association great. I’m excited about these changes and I trust you will be also. 

Except for the Member of Excellence, (which is already up in the web community) more detailed information will be available on October 1. But until then, here’s a preview and overview of the upcoming program.

Member of Excellence

The Member of Excellence programming is continuing. However, the chapter and division programs are not. More information about the MOE is available in the web community. This year, members need to complete eight out of a possible 14 criteria and submit the online application by the end of the day on June 15, 2015.

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Kathy Cramer, PhD., author of Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say and Do posted this blog on her website.

According to thought leader and bestselling author Kevin Cashman, the first step is learning to see the big picture of who you are and asking, “What do I really have? What don’t I have?”

Jocelyne April

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Change is a must in today’s world.  My membership is coming up for renewal and I was trying to decide what I wanted to do.  Renew or go in a different direction and leave IAAP.  So I sat back and evaluated what I have gained and what the future could still hold for me.  I am refocusing my direction and will embrace change and stay with IAAP.  For better or worse, I am not willing to give up any of the details that I have invested in my career and that includes IAAP. Being a member of IAAP has enhanced my working skills and given me strengths that I did not know I possessed. The friends I have gained have become like family.  I want to see what the future direction has in store for me as a professional, so I am embracing change and focusing on a new direction for me.

Nancy J Crumpley, CAP-OM

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The IAAP’ s change announcement, at first, felt like a tornado removing our familiar home from its foundation.  Devastation, tears, and questions abound.  Then, the realization, a house can be replaced. 

Our membership, our foundation, is alive.  Nothing removes or destroys a foundation.  The working groups are building a stronger house with today’s upgraded standards to weather the storms of the future.

Soon there will be a new home to move into.  Now, form a cradle with your arms, look down at the baby named ‘Change’ in your arms.

See those innocent eyes and open mind ready to absorb anything.

We patiently wait for baby’s first word, basic information sharing.

From there Change starts taking baby steps and we are excited, we help where steps wobble to stabilize the process.

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First I must give credit to the title of this blog and attached link to Mike Sanders, MA PMP. In this blog,, Mike speaks about change and letting go. We can all say we accept change and the like, but until we let go of the past, we really cannot experience all the benefits of the future. I do not claim to have a crystal ball about the future of IAAP and whether or not it will be the right fit for everyone, but until and unless I stop looking for what was, I will not be able to see what is yet to come.

We are fortunate that Mike is one of our scheduled speakers at this year's professional development day event on October 4, 2014 in Diamond Bar, California. He also posts great content on Linked In and I encourage you to follow him.
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Dear IAAP Community,

The VIP Chapter would like to invite you to attend a VIP Chapter Presentation entitled, A New Level of Administrative Professionals on Thursday, September 11 at 7 p.m. CST. We will have three VIP guests: 

Jasmine Freeman, newly appointed Vice-President and former Executive Assistant, Office Dynamics
Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of Be the Ultimate Assistant and former Personal Assistant of Olympia Dukakis
Mary Hanley, Virtual Assistant and owner of MyVirtualServices

This virtual presentation is for the new and experienced admin; we will learn from the best. You won't want to miss it! 

The meeting is free. Click here to register for this momentous event! 

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PDD 2014 (formerly Multi-Chapter Symposium), a collaboration of five southern California chapters will sunset after this years event on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Diamond Bar, CA.

Bahia, Citrus Valley, Cucamonga Valley, Orange Empire and Valencia Orange County have been working together as a team to bring you this year's signature event. I am privileged to be this year's coordinator and working with a team THAT ROCKS!

This year we have established a single price point for members and non-members alike. It presents a great opportunity to share iaap with a friend or colleague. More information is available on the event website at You can register via the website, or go directly to the payment portal at General registration is $75 and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on September 9. Late registration will increase $10 and be available until October 2.

What does your registration fee get you.

1) Two great speakers: Sahar Andrade on Cultural Competency and Diversity Communication Strategies; and Mike Sanders on Advanced Multi-Tasking (AMT). Mike's book on AMT will be available for personal signature at the event, or save yourself time and purchase at Amazon and bring it with you.

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Charlotte Chapter Meeting November 10, 2014.  Go to our website for
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Today I learned of the new MOE requirements for 2014-15.  They state they were revised as of June 11, 2014 but this is the first I have heard about these requirements.  I do have some questions and thoughts about these requirements:

3.  Will this one change once the restructuring occurs since we will not have Chapter or Division Officers etc?
5.  How will we obtain attendance of 8 meetings when a Branch is only required to have one a year?  Will this also change next year?
8.  How does one become an Affluencer for the current year when one of the requirements is you had to attend EFAM?
9.  When and what capacity can one serve on a working group for the current year when they are not set up?
12.  What does demonstrate excellence in the workplace exactly mean?  Most of us do that everyday and do not get recognized in an official manner just a simple "thank you".
13.  Would being a part of a membership committee for the USGBC local branch be allowed?  This is not specific enough.
14.  I object to having to donate to the Foundation of IAAP what if one is not able to afford to participate.
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An interesting article found in Harvard Business Review

Jocelyne April, CAP-OM
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IAAP has proven to be a wonderful organization for years. Negativity is a resentment to change that will prevent growth. If we all work together, the membership can become more powerful with the state-of-the-art trends. Let’s take a look at some of the great changes that was done:

  • Annual membership no longer requires the entire fee. A payment plan was implemented.
  • Preparation for the CAP exam will later be provided online. Additionally, the exam will be facilitated by the computer.
  • Additional criteria have been added to obtain the Member of Excellence.
  • They implemented a new program called “The IAAP Achievement Awards” which gives three recipients free registration and hotel stay to attend EFAM.
  • Volunteer opportunities are now being offered to expand one’s knowledge and leadership while streamlining IAAP operations simultaneously.
  • Local Area Networks will be provided with Branch Advisors so that operations will run smoothly.
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Join the Cutting Edge Chapter on Wednesday, August 13, at 8:00 pm ET, for the educational webinar, "MS Outlook - Taming the Flood!" This program will be presented by Carla Bynon, CAP-OM, Executive Assistant for TriZetto Corporation.

Topics covered will include:

1) Your inbox
    a) Creating subfolders in you inbox
    b) Using rules to help you file
    c) Color coding - Red Alert!

2) Setting up PSTs
    a) Where do I file it?

3) Using multiple signatures

4) Email and your calendar

5) Using views in your calendar

Register at
We anticipate one recertification point will be approved by IAAP.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 13th!

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Welcome to the start of the 2014-15 year at IAAP. I’m still coming off the whirlwind of EFAM and catching up, as I’m sure many of you are as well.

This year the association is embarking on a lot of change. If you haven’t already read the latest documents, they are in the web community in the IAAP Library. There is one on the dissolution information

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My husband just celebrated his 65th birthday. And grand children ... or just children in general ... say the darndest things. Our 11 year-old grandson commented ... "Gee Grandpa, when I'm 65 you'll be ... (calculating in his head) ... 119! Wow! That's old!" That's after he had given his grandpa a home-made birthday card with a caricature of an old man leaning on a cane, pleading for someone to help him escape from the old folks' home :-). Yes, our grandson has a great sense of humor.

As my husband and I look forward to our new career - retirement - we often find ourselves talking about our past accomplishments. Roger's birthday party and our reminescent conversations reminded me of blog on Robin Sharma's website. It's one I have often shared during coaching and mentoring sessions. #38 ... "Remain true to your boldest ideals. Possibilitarians–not cynics–change the world"... is particularly applicable during IAAP's restructuring. 

I hope you enjoy.
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As they leave the final banquet celebration to end EFAM, many people have said, “You wait all year, and then when EFAM gets here, it goes by so fast.”

I did not feel that way this year. Perhaps it was that missing the last 3 helped me savor this one, that I didn’t get physically wiped out until the last day, or other reasons. What I know for sure is that I enjoyed myself as much as at any other professional conference I have attended.

I had a few classes that were disappointing, but some that were beyond outstanding. Getting to interact with Susan Leahy in 3 sessions more than made up for any disappointments. She is the best EFAM presenter of all time. Laura Stack is the only one that even comes close. Anyone who can make you laugh in a class about Robert’s Rules of Order  is worth the price of attendance. All of the instructors were flexible and worked to answer attendees’ questions. There is plenty to put into practice back at the office.

The official business word is “networking,” but other words like fellowship and camaraderie apply to the interaction among members. I have friends I would never cross paths with if I never attended EFAM. I attended each year from 2006-2010 before the economy forced me into a 3-year break. I missed my EFAM friends more than I could say in words. Each year you will make additional friends.

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