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"Take Time" for yourself.  I know you have dead-lines to meet but if you don't take care of yourself you are going to have burn-out real fast!

So how do you handle this you say?

If it's only 5 minutes every hour during the day that you can get away from your desk then do it, plan it!

Take yourself away from your desk by reading a daily devotional, a health article, or perhaps work on a brain teaser.  Or of you think that you can't handle One More item to read or look at just put on your favorite song and close your door turn out the lights and listen. This way to chill and relax the best way to revitalize your mind which in turn will make you a more productive Professional Administrative Assistant.

What more could your boss ask for?  A renewing of your mind  ~ producing a better You!

Do it, try it....just "Take Time".

Check this link out "How to Be Happy at Work"
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Are your projects becoming overwhelming? Do you feel like you will never see the project to completion? Today's administrative professional must add project management skills to their resume due to the increased workload. Attend this webinar to get tips on planning, coordinating, and managing projects. 

February 12, 2015 @ 7 p.m. CST

Click here to register ($10 to attend)
You will receive a link to attend the webinar. Please follow the instructions to access the meeting.

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I'd love to invite members and their friends and colleagues to attend our free event on February 11th.  Seems we are unable to attach documents here so below I have offered the pertinent information.

February 11th
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Hotel Monaco/Bambara
202 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
FREE Registration

This his hosted by the Sal-Ute Chapter and is FREE.  Topics covered included 

Resume Writing & Review
Dress for Success

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Are you or someone you know sitting for the CAP or OM exam in March? Are you getting a little panicky about all the studying you have left to do? I am offering six week long exam crams beginning on 1/21 that will help you to focus your final weeks of studying. All sessions are online and will be recorded and available for review as you are preparing.

To learn more, drop me an email at
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First Confession: I am not a blogger and never anticipated becoming one. I did post one blog as an assignment for our EFAM in Grapevine, Texas.

Second Confession: I have always thought of blogging like keeping a diary and, unlike my mother who kept one every day of her life, I have never committed my thoughts for something that might become public one day. No, there will never be a Joyce Hawkins Memorial Library dedicated to my writings.

Third Confession: I do follow other people's blogs. I'm not sure what that says about me but there are several people in LinkedIn I enjoy reading their postings.

Fourth Confession: My association says I should blog and I like to think of myself as a good member and I try to support my association. When the day arrives that I can no longer offer support, for whatever reason, that is the day it no longer belongs to me and I should no longer belong to it.

That's pretty much the confessions off the top of my head. I have been a member since 1980 and I've always taken advantage of the offerings provided. Sometimes it required some pretty stringent budgeting to be able to attend regional/district meetings, convention/EFAM, division meetings, and other educational conferences offered but they were important and I managed. I've also had some pretty interesting leadership experiences which I will share next time.
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Hi my name is Sandra Butler. I recently join IAAP and recently join this page. Is there anything I should know. I join to upgrade my skills so where can I first go. 
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Vancouver Education Forum


The Western Canada Division Board is looking forward to welcoming all attendees to the Education Forum, in Vancouver on January 31st.  We are confident everyone will walk away with new tools for their personal and professional portfolio.

The Board just received confirmation from the IAAP Certification Department, that the January 31st program has qualified for SEVEN recertification points!

Don't delay - REGISTER TODAY!

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We have been very fortunate to have multiple chapters in the St. Louis area including St. Louis Chapter, which was one of the very first chapters formed in our association in 1942.  Other chapters have been St. Charles County, South County and Lindbergh Chapters.  One might think with four chapters in the area that would result in a competitive atmosphere but this has not been the case here.  The chapters have all worked together and formed one of the first cooperative groups known as the Three Rivers Council. Through this entity we have held many very successful combined workshops which resulted in new members for the various chapters as well as excellent speakers and programs that might not have been possible if the workshops had been sponsored by a single chapter.  Expenses were shared equally and the profits were also distributed equally among the participating chapters. Working together on projects such as this has helped to form close inter-chapter relationships which benefit all.

Now that the many of the chapters have opted to close earlier than the April 30, 2015 required date, we have recently lost two of our sister chapters here in the St. Louis area.  South County Chapter and St. Charles Chapter have opted to close and have had their final meetings.  Lindbergh Chapter will also be having their final meeting toward the end of this month.
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I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! 2014 flew by quickly, especially with all of the exciting changes announced at IAAP. 2015 will be a year for implementing and experiencing these fantastic new initiatives. I am confident that 2015 will usher in an abundance of possibilities for IAAP members to connect, learn, lead, and excel.

As I’m sure many of you know, IAAP means a great deal to me. I would never have received as many invaluable opportunities or growth in my career without the help of this association. It’s important to me that IAAP continues to thrive and help administrative and office professionals succeed. As a veteran IAAP member, I feel it is my duty to help new admins in their careers as mentors. I’ve been involved in mentoring for many years and find it to be an extremely valuable aspect of professional growth.

The new IAAP mentorship program, Mentor Match, will be a great way to share experience and knowledge with one another.  Each Mentor Match participant will fill out an extensive questionnaire and will be paired with a mentor/mentee. The member searching for a mentor/mentee will be able to specify what they’re looking for by narrowing fields easily. IAAP will offer a helpful user guide to make Mentor Match an enriching experience. This is just one of the offerings the Revitalized IAAP is bringing to members. Plan now to participate. More information will be released later this month. Mentor Match is just one more way to connect, learn, lead, and excel.

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Good afternoon,

Join the Cutting Edge Chapter on Wednesday, January 14, at 8:00 pm ET as we learn about "Etiquette Across Borders," with Victoria Prestia! Victoria will teach us the following:

* What is etiquette?
* Why are global etiquette and cultural differences important to us?
* Tips on what to do and what to avoid.

This presentation will:
* Help you engage in successful global business and social interactions.
* Help to avoid embarrassing mistakes.
* Guide you toward establishing quality relationships and friendships.
* Learn about various countries heritage, language and culture.

Register now at

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Idina Menzel, Broadway superstar and singer of the ubiquitous "Let It Go," sang that song on one of the recent New Year's Eve broadcasts. While I didn't see it myself, reports state that she apparently went "wide right" when she belted out her big note and it was not a pretty sound. Unkind comments about the missed note were all over the internet in the following couple of days.

The whole brouhaha seemed pretty funny to me, when you consider that many people know her as "that singer whose name John Travolta botched during the Oscars." Adele Dazeem was clearly responsible for that note!

Anyway, Ms. Menzel posted the following comment in response to the criticism for the mistake: "There are about 3 million notes in a two-and-a-half-hour musical. ... Being a perfectionist, it took me a long time to realize that if I'm hitting 75 percent of them, I'm succeeding."

That got me thinking. As a self-described super admin, my biggest sin (in my mind) is that I am a terrible typist. Truly, I am slow. On a good day, I average about 45 words a minute. On the up-side, I am about 99% accurate. That's mostly because I edit and proofread and revise as I type, so while I'm slow on the front-end, the back-end work (reviewing and finalizing) goes pretty quickly.
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Well there's just a few months left before the CAP and OM exams are administered. I'm excited to hear about the electronic experience.

Who is sitting for the exam in March?

What have you been doing to prepare?

Do you feel like you are ready?
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 Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season has been overflowing with all good things.

2015 is promising to be a year of change for our professional association and the WCD Board has been busy planning events up to June 2015.

We are looking forward to the two Education Forums being held in Vancouver and Calgary in January and March, respectively.

In addition the forums, we are pleased thrilled to announce the following educational webinar schedule:

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Happy New Year!

You are cordially invited to join the VIP Chapter's first webinar of 2015 on Thursday, January 8 @ 7 p.m. CST

“Cash in on Your Skills: Turn Your Experience into a Profitable Virtual Assistant Business”

with Kathy Goughenour

Click here to register ($10 per attendee)

You will receive a link to attend the webinar. Please follow the instructions to access the meeting.

As a virtual assistant since 2001, Kathy Goughenour earned as much as $106,501 annually working from home -- usually in her pajamas. Kathy says, “As a VA, what you earn is determined by you. There’s no management or corporate politics holding you back.” In 2008, Kathy launched Expert VA Training where she trains and coaches VAs how to get more clients, achieve their income goals, and build the businesses of their dreams. Kathy has been featured in

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Hello All, 

I have been a member of IAAP for over 12 years.

1 year ago, the company that I worked for closed its doors forever…. Bummer  L

I have decided to start my own Document Translation Company.  I am very excited about the possibilities.

It is called ABC Document Translation Service, LLC


I have developed a large network of professional, certified translators, so we can translate any language.

My goal is to help IAAP in any way that I can, by donating to IAAP sponsored programs.

Every company has an occasional need for document translation (quarterly and annual reports, legal documents, medical documents, manuals, Spanish translations, etc.)

Naturally, I would love to assist you with any translation needs that your company has.

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Topics : Document Translation, Services

As we head into a new year, The Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank the donors who have supported The Foundation’s mission in 2014. Thank you for your continued dedication!

Because of these donations, The Foundation provided funding for the IAAP CAP Review Guide, offered 50 scholarships to EFAM 2014, and granted approximately $42,000 in housing assistance. And, next year is going to be even better! 

The Foundation is increasing the number of IAAP Summit 2015 scholarships—50 for first-time attendees and 10 for prior attendees. The application process will open just after the first of the year, so spread the word. A limited number of applications will be accepted. Be sure and read all of the details before applying.

As you may have seen, IAAP also recently announced the two exciting initiatives that The Foundation has helped provide funding for. These include the IAAP CAP Exam and CAP

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I have registered to to take the CAP Exam in March 2015. Do you have any idea on where I can barrow any of the required textbooks as opposed to buying them? Thanks


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Time Management and Decisions

Recently, I read an article about decision-making.  The focus was that we make many decisions every day and our brain gets taxed with each decision.  As we progress through the day, making thousands of decisions while our energy level wanes, our decision-making isn’t as effective.  Experts feel that if we made less decisions, our end-of-day decision-making would be easier, perhaps more effective.

The article talked about how many people have noticed that President Obama has limited his wardrobe to two suit colors.  “He wears only blue or grey suits in order to cut down on non-vital decisions. ‘You need to focus your decision-making energy,’  he  old Vanity Fair. ’You need to routinize yourself.’"  My take-away was that he limits his clothing choices to allow himself more energy and time to make other decisions. I will interject that most of these “other decisions” he makes are more important than in what he should clothe his body each day.

Obama’s self-limits on suit colors brought back a personal reminder regarding time-management.  I can get out of the house faster, and on my way to work more quickly, when I choose my outfit before I crawl into bed.  Mind you, I am a lark – awakening with a lot of energy and no need for caffeine - and tiring as early as 4 pm.  So evaluating my clothes, shoes, and jewelry at bedtime, making one more decision at night, is taxing for me.

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I wanted to bring you up to date on the activities of The Foundation of IAAP and what we’ve been doing to support IAAP and those working in the administrative profession.

We approved two new grants for IAAP last month. The first project is the IAAP CAP Exam and CAP Exam Review Guide. The IAAP CAP Exam and certification is a distinction that sets administrative professionals above the rest of their colleagues. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, clients, and coworkers commitment to the administrative profession. First, IAAP is updating the CAP Exam to create learning outcomes. This will define exactly what skills are mastered by passing the CAP exam. The new, comprehensive CAP Review Guide will ensure Exam applicants have the tools to prepare for this challenging, yet rewarding exam. The Foundation approved funding for $194,000 to support the progress of this certification initiative.

The Foundation previously funded a grant for the CAP Review Guide. That money went to fund viability studies for the Review Guide. These studies needed to be completed before the actual creation of the study guide. This new grant greatly expands on the first by also updating the exam as well as completing the work on the Review Guide.
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Leadership, you just can't hear enough about it!  I attended our November meeting this week and our Georgia Division Treasurer Kerri Gibson, CAP-OM, shared some value information with us that Leadership is a Journey and that you should understand your purpose as a leader and she shared with us a book by Bill North with Peter Sims, True North Discover Your Authentic Leadership.  I ordered my copy today and is looking forward to discovering My True North.  I attended a banquet last evening hosted by my church organization and our Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr. reminded the members that we are all leaders and that we must have love for the ones we serve.  I am so excited about where my leadership will take me.
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