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I'm having an AHA moment...where HAS the time GONE???

I had the opportunity to attend the Seattle Chapter's APW event on Tuesday, April at the Hotel 1000 in downtown (Seattle, WA).  Our speaker for the evening was

Sherra Grasser   Certified Life & Wellness Coach   Motivational Speaker

Sherra gave a 90 minute interactive presentation about Communication in the Workplace (worth 1.5 recertification points) which kept us engaged even after the dinner and See's chocolate dessert bar.  She spoke with us on a level style, had us answer some questions about our preferences in communication and interaction (parlayed into a bit of the introvert/extrovert spectrum) plus walked us through some essentials of active listening. 

My favorite part of the experience was the table group exercise. Our leader (Amy who volunteered - thank you Amy, guest of Melissa) was coached on how to describe a drawing to us such that we could replicate it on our papers.  We did an amazing job of communicating culminating in drawings very close to the one she was describing by using some techniques we had already learned.  Then Sherra had us discuss more ways we could have extended our understanding.

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Get Your Job Description Right

Presented by:  Julie Perrine, CAP-OM

Summarized by:  Roxanne C. Rock, CAP

“The Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (PAFSA) has designated 2014 as the International Year of the Secretary & Administrative Assistant (IYOTSA). The aim is to celebrate the profession, strengthen the ties of friendship with other organizations globally, and raise the standard, profile, and visibility of administrative roles in the workplace.

The vision is to change the world for all assistants throughout the year so they are better recognized for the work that they do. IYOTSA is not an inward exercise of self-congratulations but an opportunity for assistants, businesses, associations, and companies to support this sector and recognize this role as a profession.” (

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Don't forget:

APW Rally

Rally your chapter members and get ready to race! The APW Rally, a chapter event, will take place April 20-26 during Administrative Professionals Week. Chapters can compete to raise the most money during that timeframe.

Here's how it works:

• As an individual participant, you can simply choose your chapter name when making a donation online and it will count toward the chapter total. All online donations must be made during that week to be counted toward the APW Rally.

• Chapters may send lump-sum donations by mail to The Foundation of IAAP, 10502 N. Ambassador Drive, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64153. They should be accompanied by the

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CDT

Presented by: Greg Creech

Take Note! It’s OneNote – The Notebook for the Digital Age

1.0 Recertification point has been approved for this webinar.

Registration link

Course Description:

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How do you intend to spend this week either celebrating (or working) and what would be on your wishlist?

If I were given a choice between a gift certificate to my favorite department store or $$ - I'd choose cash!

If you were given a choice between a day off tomorrow Wednesday, April 23rd or flowers/plant and lunch? 
I know I would choose the day off.

If you were given a choice of recognition for your efforts, achievements and excellent performance at work, and you could choose from the following:

Lunch or happy hour for yourself and peers
Free training (of your choosing, relevant to your role/position)

I'd choose free training!  Let me know what your choices would be...

Happy Administrative Professionals Week to all of you, what ever you do!  

Ivette Aquilino, CAP-OM
Member of Excellence
Southwestern CT Chapter
Current Webmaster and Past Chapter President
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What started as a personal passion for the therapeutic power of nature's #essential oils, has grown into a worldwide company committed to transforming the #health and lives of millions. Feel free to visit my Young Living Essential Oils - Independent Distributor blog. Thank you! 
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I have been pondering this blog posting for over a week. I’m sure you can all imagine the content that I have been considering. You might as well go to the bathroom and grab yourself a cup of coffee first if you plan to read this posting, because it’s a LONG one!

Way back in 2005, I posted a forum thread in our old bulletin board system with the subject line: Serious Subject – The Future of Our Organization.  I have posted my original note below for anyone who is interested to read. (The FULL Forum thread with 45 pages of responses has been posted in my Marie Herman’s Words of Wisdom folder).

Nine years ago, I was raising the alarm that the chapter structure was in danger and that only the chapters could turn themselves around. Having served myself as a chapter leader and as a division leader, as well as having involvement through mentoring of other chapters and serving in various other ways over the years, I am sad to say that the chapters overall never improved.

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Late last week, IAAP member Greg Creech of Columbus, OH posted a message in the General IAAP Discussion e-Group about some of the amusing ways he as a male admin had been lumped in with the females whenever APW/APD came around. I posted a reply with some of the experiences I have had. Bottom line for me, since I'm in a profession that is 99% female, I got over any offense of being referred to with feminine nouns and pronouns long, long ago. With all that's going on in life, getting bent out of shape about that seems petty and small to me.

But the discussion got me to thinking - to remembering how I got in this line of work to begin with. I know a few people that always wanted to be admins from the time they were kids, but most people I know more or less stumbled into the profession, and I am one of them. I want to tell my story and hopefully many others will do so as well. Since this is Administrative Professionals Week, let's tell the stories of how we became administrative professionals.

Back when I graduated high school in 1988, I thought I wanted to be an accountant. One of my uncles once introduced me to a friend of his by saying, "He wants to be a bean-counter. He wants to go in after a battle and shoot the wounded." I was completely cured of any desire to be an accountant by one week of Intermediate Accounting I my second year of college. I changed my major to Finance.
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Our President first attended an International Convention in Louisville, KY 1985 (President Sylvia L. Cash, CPS). She joined in 1983 while it was still NSA and was the delegate at the convention. Theme: Professional Performance

My first International Convention was in Hollywood, FL 1979 (President Beverly H. Hamby, CPS) right after my CPS certification.  I had joined in 1975 and it was NSA and I attended as delegate.  Theme: NSA The Professional Way

How curious the next two EFAM's are in Louisville and then Hollywood.  How sad we won't represent our chapter at either one.
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Here goes. I'm not only getting on my "soap-box". I'm also posting my first blog ever anywhere.

Changes in IAAP


I think there are several aspects to what is going on with members’ reactions to the IAAP structure change from chapters and divisions to branches.


How a message is received depends on the individual. For some it is important to hear about changes early on in the consideration process. It gives them a sense of security and control. Others would rather hear about a change after the decision is made. They would rather “get used to the idea” after it is decided. The choice was made to announce the decision after it was made. Now is the opportunity to move forward and determine whether to be part of the change and how to be part of the change.

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     When I first heard about the massive changes in the IAAP structure, I felt a momentary sense of panic, very soon followed by a sense of relief.  I agree with many blogs I have read in that the old way wasn't working, i.e. the recycling of the same board members, inability to attract new members without "giving away the store", etc.  And . . . everyone agrees that change is critical if we intend to grow, but change is painful for many.  I have often heard the phrase, "The devil you know is better than the one you don't."  Well, thank goodness there is a new plan.
     I know there are to be "branches" in the new organization, although it is a mystery as to how that will be employed.  When I read that HQ is accepting questions and suggestions, I wondered how I could get involved in this change.  I believe that those of us who are willing to take leadership responsibilities should also be the ones who volunteer to be part of the new changes.  I, for one, would like to have a voice in how these processes evolve, and I firmly believe that with thought-provoking questions along with rational suggestions, our voices can be heard.
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Wow! What a timely message in the face of changes coming.
Delayed flight, a spontaneous applause, and the leadership skill you can't ignore
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I believe we can all agree that we value our IAAP membership and want our Association to remain relevant.  To revitalize is to bring new life to something, to add vigor, to bring forth vitality.  To get our Association to where it needs to be will be a long and winding path, with many bumps along the way.  While we may not all agree with the path that is set before us, if we want to see and benefit from the end result, that is IAAP continuing as an Association for the next 72 years and beyond, then we, too, must either walk the path, or seek another path that we feel best suits us.

I am excited about the forthcoming changes.  I admit, that as incoming 2014-2015 Chapter President, I have some anxiety about what my year as President will encompass.  I am ready to face the challenge, realizing that as a Chapter leader, challenges are inevitable.

I  have registered for the May 6th Town Hall Meeting, and expect to gain some additional clarification on where IAAP is headed. 

The unknown is scary and causes us to be filled with apprehension.  I plan to keep an open mind, knowing that our IAAP leaders want the best for our Association.
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I've been trying to register since yesterday but it says "Page Not Found."  I've tried from work and from home - no luck.  Anyone else having this problem? 

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IAAP is overhauling its organizational structure. We have been told the current hierarchial org chart structure is badly out-dated.

Seeing as how IAAP has been using the same basic structure for 72 years, that should be expected. But hearing that districts, divisions and chapters will be replaced with branches was a bit of a blow to me personally.

I joined IAAP in 2002 as a member of the Charlotte chapter. In spring of 2005, I and one other member decided to act on what we had been thinking for a long time - that Charlotte was big enough for more than the 2 chapters of that time (Charlotte and Metrolina), and that there really should be one in uptown (we call our central business district uptown because it is a higher elevation than the surrounding neighborhoods, so back before cars you would walk up the hill to get to uptown).

So we began the work of trying to find 13 others to join us in forming an uptown chapter. We found a crew at one of the big banks who wanted to join, but thought we should meet during the workday instead of after work. I was OK with this, the other member wasn't. Then in early 2008, my boss asked me to contact another high-ranking person from another company to have a meeting. The other guy's admin answered my email, and we worked out the meeting. Then I asked his admin about the "CAP" at the end of her name. It turned out she, and about half a dozen other admins at her company were part of that company's IAAP corporate chapter, which was disbanding and the IAAP members in Charlotte were trying to figure out what to do. I met with them and told them what I was building. They joined the effort as well. We were still a couple people short of the 15 required to start a chapter. We eventually found them and chartered the Charlotte Center City chapter on April 18, 2009.
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CURIOUS HOW THE PAST BECOMES THE PRESENT THEN THE FUTURE - this is a blog of mine from May, 2013

How about a new Structure to go with dues?  You know you  are thinking it – this is me saying it.

 Fact:  We are losing members – whether economics, interests, geography, they go

Intervention:  We try to recruit using traditional methods, make special dues deals, hunt down MAL and prior members, and hold membership drives where maybe 1 in 10 may join – an incentive is being part of MOE.  We may lower our chapter dues or waive them for a time period; same at division level.

Fact:  Members are a lot less interested in holding office or even attending in-person meetings.

Intervention:  We have fewer officers and sometimes fewer meetings; that means no BOD but business at the program meetings or business telephonically, through e-mail or other means.  Again, an incentive is being part of MOE.  My chapter has 2 officers:

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Dear Members:
Throughout the year following the Futures Conference—where we met with approximately 200 member and nonmember stakeholders—IAAP leadership and staff have maintained the momentum and continued the important dialogue with you, our members. By convening focus groups, distributing surveys and compiling more research over the last 18 months, as well as commissioning several working groups, what we learned is this. In order to grow, remain relevant and support members with tools to succeed, we must reimagine and revitalize IAAP. These are the themes we heard loud and clear from the membership:

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. CDT

Presented by: Dana C. Morgan CAP-OM

“Discover and Develop Your Strengths: Strength Finder 2.0”

1.5 Recertification points have been approved for this webinar.

Registration link:

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? All too often, our natural talents go untapped. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.

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