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My Profile

The My Profile menu is a section where you can manage all of your personal information on the web community.


Your profile displays as much or as little information about you as you would like. When your login is initially created, a minimal amount of information is available to IAAP members by default.

My Contacts

The My Contacts section is similar to your Friends list on sites like Facebook. You can send contact requests and accept requests from other members. No contacts will appear in this section until you have sent out a contact request to another member. You can locate members to add as contacts in the Directory section.

My Communities

The IAAP Web Community contains many different communities within it. For example, if your chapter hosts its website on the web community, your chapter has its own community, which includes a website, a discussion (eGroup) group and a document library. Some communities are restricted to only members of that community, some are open to only IAAP members and some are open to anybody that visits the web community site. In addition to chapters and divisions, new communities (or groups) can be created for a variety of purposes (board communication, discussions about office etiquette, discussions on IAAP events, etc.). If you do not belong to a chapter or division, you will automatically be listed within the Member At Large community.

The My Communities section will display every community you have access to or have chosen to belong to. For example, if you sign up to receive email notifications for the OfficePro discussion group, you will see the OfficePro community listed in your list of communities you belong to. You can click on each community to see who is a member of the group, access the website (if it has one associated with it), view the discussion group or view the document library.

My Networks

The My Networks section is similar to the My Communities, except the networks you belong to are generated automatically based on 1) the city and state you live in, 2) the company your work for, 3) interests that you've listed in your profile and 4) what educational institutions you've attended. Networks also do not include eGroups, document libraries or websites. They are used primarily to help you connect with other members who you may otherwise have not connected with. For example, if you have an interest in photography and it's listed in your profile as one of your interests, you can easily find other members who also share an interest in photography. Or let's say you just moved to Cleveland and are interested in finding other IAAP members in Cleveland, you can quickly find members near you through the My Networks section.

The example below highlights a member's city network. This member currently has 3 contacts that live in the same city and 190 potential contacts. You can also see that 194 members list Kansas City MO as their home city. To see who those members include, you can click on any of the three numbers listed.

My Inbox

The My Inbox section contains all messages you've received from other IAAP members. There are also tabs to view messages you've sent, contact requests you've sent and invitations to join communities. Depending on your privacy settings are configured, you can decide if any IAAP member may contact you or only members in your contact list. This section also allows you to search messages and provides access to your profile, contacts, blogs and communities.

My RSS Feeds

RSS feeds offer a unique way to keep up with content on the IAAP Web Community. If you are unfamiliar with what an RSS feed is, you should start here: How RSS Feeds Work in Simple Terms.

In short, an RSS feed allows you to view the most recent content added to any website through an RSS reader (Google Reader is probably the most common). If you try to keep up with a lot of different sites, an RSS reader can help by aggregating content from a number of different sites into one place. This keeps you from having to navigate to each individual website and try to determine where the newest content is. The RSS feed will display website content in the order it was published, placing the newest items at the top.

If you use an RSS reader, you can manage what content you'd like to see from the IAAP Web Community in the My RSS Feeds section. This section will show a list of checkboxes for all the different sections of content you have access to (eGroups, blogs, documents, etc.). In the example below, you can see that the member has checked a number of eGroups to include in his or her RSS feed. That means that anytime a new message is posted to those eGroups, it will also appear in the member's RSS reader.

Once you have chosen what content you would like to appear in your RSS reader, you can click Save and an RSS feed URL will be generated. By itself, this link is not very useful, but if you add it to an RSS reader, the latest messages, blogs and/or documents that you've subscribed to will automatically appear in your RSS reader in the order they are posted.

My Privacy Settings

If you are new to the IAAP Web Community the My Privacy Settings should be one of the first places you visit after creating your login. While most of your personal information is private by default, some of it is accessible to IAAP members automatically, and you may want to open or restrict access to some of your data.

For example, if you would not like IAAP members to contact you through the web community, you can elect to not allow messages be sent to you. You can also view what email address any notifications you've subscribed to are being sent to and you can change that address here as well. The email address listed in this section is also the email address you would need to use if you wanted to reset your password.

You can also restrict specific sections of your member profile. For example, if you've uploaded a picture to your profile, you can choose who can see that picture by choosing My Contacts, Members Only, Public or Nobody. You can also choose to not appear at all in the member directory or community rosters.

My Documents

The My Documents section will display a list of any document you've added to any library on the IAAP Web Community. This is handy if you need to quickly locate a document you uploaded. More information on adding documents is available in the Documents section of the User Guide.

My Postings

The My Postings section allows you to access all eGroup (aka Discussion) messages that you've posted. You can also edit, delete, resend or forward messages here. You can also access your sent discussion messages in the Discussion section. How to post a message is covered in the Discussions section of the User Guide.